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"Potje" Kinderboek van Mylo Freeman

Suddenly there is a jar with a note in the jungle. Only the sweetest buttocks fit on this potty. Who can they belong to...?

"Prinses Arabella lees mee met" Kinderboek van Mylo Freeman

Read along with Princess Arabella! In this book you will find 5 stories on 5 AVI levels..

"Miko & Kiko alles hetzelfde" Kinderboek van Mylo Freeman

Miko and Kiko are twins. They often look the same and like the same things. But not always...

"Prinses Arabella en de Sint" Kinderboek van Mylo Freeman

Princess Arabella comes to the aid of Saint Nicholas. Everything will be different this year and who will help hand out the presents?

"Een plekje voor welpje" Kinderboek van Mylo Freeman

Somewhere in Africa Giraffe, Zebra, Elephant, Rhino and Monkey live together. One day they find an armor baby, But little panthers grow up...

"Prinses Arabella en Omi" Kinderboek van Mylo Freeman

Princess Arabella has packed her suitcase. She can spend the night with Grandma with Prince Mimoen, Princess Sofie and Princess Ling! Omi teaches them good manners in a playful way!

"Chi en Wawa" Kinderboek van Mylo Freeman

Chi and Wawa are living a life of lice! But one day the bag with the dogs is taken away by another lady. Where do Chi and Wawa end up now?

"Prinses Arabella en de keukenprins" Kinderboek van Mylo Freeman

Princess Arabella likes almost nothing. 'We are trying a new chef', the king decides. Chefs from all over the world are invited to cook for the princess. But Arabella doesn't like it. Until the kitchen prince stands at the palace door...

"Broertjes!" Kinderboek van Mylo Freeman

A nice story about two brothers who sometimes argue and really can't do without each other!


"Prinses Arabella's schattige, grappige, grote, enge Dierenboek" Kinderboek van Mylo Freeman

Princess Arabella and her friends love animals they can cuddle, but also animals that are a little scary or weird...

"Tweeling!" Kinderboek van Mylo Freeman

Robbie and Roef prefer to do everything together, always wear the same clothes and both love knights. They totally feel like twins! Then they meet 2 girls who look exactly alike and they claim to be REAL twins...

"Prinses Arabella in het museum" Kinderboek van Mylo Freeman

Arabella and her friends go to the Arabella Museum. There are many exciting works: some are large and others are small. Some are sweet, others hard or scary. And in some works you can disappear!

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